Safe Exercise During and After Pregnancy

Celebrity fitness trainer Michelle Bridges has come under fire for sending an irresponsible message to new moms on exercise during and after pregnancy.  She tells the public via and Instagram post that she get 56 minutes of exercise daily, and encourages new moms to get 15-20 minutes of exercise every day.  According to accredited Exercise Physiologist Nigel Stepto and National Heart Foundation Research Fellow Cheryce Harrison, while it is commendable to encourage women to exercise during and after pregnancy, women should seek a health-care professional to tailor workouts based on their individual fitness, health and pregnancy.

                In the absence of specific recommendations for activity during pregnancy, women should accumulate 150-300 minutes of moderate exercise each week.  Normal workouts should be altered to a lighter intensity to adapt to pregnancy. Workouts should include modified yoga, aerobics pilates,etc. Women should always pay attention to warning signs their body gives them, and should not continue use these recommendations of complications occur during pregnancy.  After pregnancy, women should allow time for recovery and then begin easing back into exercise. This may begin with short walks of 3-5 minutes and build up gradually to 20-30 minute walks. They should also practice pelvic floor exercises regularly. Women wishing to maintain exercise routines are encouraged to seek advice from their health-care team.