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At Ocean Keys Family Practice, we have doctors with a special interest in chlamydia and other STIs. In particular, Dr Khian Chye has a special interest in sexual health. You can be assured that you will be treated with sensitivity, understanding and confidentiality. We pride ourselves on treating you with respect. Make an appointment with one of our award winning doctors.


Chlamydia is a common bacterial sexually transmissible infection (STI). It is often called the ‘silent infection’ because most people do not realize they have it. Chlamydia is spread by unprotected vaginal or anal sex with an infected person.


While both men and women can have chlamydia without any symptoms, if there are symptoms they generally include genital pain, lower abdomen pain, and pain while urinating or even unusual discharge.


If detected early, chlamydia can be treated with a single dose of antibiotics. If complications from chlamydia infection are present, such as pelvic inflammatory disease in women, a longer course of antibiotics will be required.